Tell it Slant

Today, the fourth of the four pieces I wrote as guest editor for the National Post Afterword blog will be published online. Most of their guest-editors contribute short essays on writing and culture or writing culture. One especially elegant set ……
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Ashwin Rao is Launched!

And Lata Pada came to the party. Lata is most justly famous as one of Canada’s premier choreographers of Indian classical dance. She also lost her husband and daughters in the Air India bombing, the central event from which my ……
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From SeeTanyaRead

Thank you, SeeTanyaRead, for what you said about my book. @padmav has written such a terribly brave book in THE EVER AFTER OF ASHWIN RAO. It's just stunning. — tanya boughtflower (@SeeTanyaRead) March 14, 2014

Oh, Mavis.

Read Mavis Gallant’s “When We Were Nearly Young” with my students on Friday, my first time teaching her work since she died, and maybe it was a little too soon, because I got all verklempt! My students looked a little ……
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Plots in motion

Thanks to Shaun Smith for including me this week on Fiction Craft. Loads of great advice from a diverse group of writers–a method for everyone! I shoehorned something in about my new novel, because it’s out this week and I ……
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