What Wakes Us Up

At 5:45 today, I woke from a nightmare that 100,000 Iraqis, fleeing our bombs, had been herded into an Iranian refugee camp, and they all needed to pee. There wasn’t room for them all in the camp, but those who overflowed were easily identified because they were Arabic speakers. I was supposed to help them. I don’t speak Arabic. I woke. I needed to pee. I drifted back into the dream, seeing the massing hordes from above, as if from a departing helicopter, and then gave in to the inevitability of waking.

If you are willing to share your dream or nightmare brought on by current events, please post it (preferably in one or two paragraphs) in the comments section below.

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  1. Max

    I am starting to read your blog!

    More to the point, I recently had the first-ever dream inspired by current events that I can remember–I have not told anyone about it because it was so enigmatic. I was at the University of Arkansas, if I am not mistaken–it was a large educational institution, and some friends of mine from the program were there–and the area had just been taken over by ISIS. Everyone on campus was herded into an auditorium, where we had to stay perfectly still as we were lectured on the merits of the new regime and the expectations that awaited us. At times, we bowed and joined in something akin to a prayer, all of us nervous that we would slip up and be killed for blasphemy. We were released from the auditorium after an hour or two, terrified by what we would face next. (I do not know if I awoke from this dream or if it transitioned into something else.)


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