This was more fun than it looks, but not something I’d do too often.

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  1. Nor

    They look delicious! Can I have one? NOW! Also when did you chagne your blog design? I like it! Lastly, I need a fancy cocktail. Can we make a date?

    • Lawanda

      You are so awesome for helping me solve this myetrsy.

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    • kfz versicherung rückwirkend hochstufen

      What an awesome story. When we have faith and beleive God’s promises’ we will grow in all areas of life. I can remember when many women in America solely depended on men for their mere survival. Education has not always been avaliable to everyone. Here there is poverty and the need for encouragement for those who are less fortunate. I beleive that if you really want something bad enough, you will look for ways to get it and it all starts with faith and prayer. God bless this Family to continue on so others will follow.

    • tarifrechner kfz haftpflichtversicherung

      Wow, this is a great blog post. I knew it was really common, but didn’t know abortion was more common than heart surgery. While almost anyone will admit in casual conversation that they’ve known someone who had heart surgery, no one will admit knowing someone who’s had an abortion (even if they’ve had one themself). Just another example of the hypocrisy of our society.


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