Ashwin Rao is Launched!

And Lata Pada came to the party. Lata is most justly famous as one of Canada’s premier choreographers of Indian classical dance. She also lost her husband and daughters in the Air India bombing, the central event from which my novel proceeds. One of my pressing concerns on this tour was making sure I would get to speak with victim families, that they understand my intentions (to get inside this and other acts of terror at the intimate level) and feel that I’m accessible to them. The effect of Lata’s buoying presence at the launch–she was all grace and encouragement–was palpable.

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  1. Sandra

    I stopped wncthiag live games now. It is making a fool of those who follow on line when suddenly they stop playing and agree for a draw. It is a huge waste of time to follow these draws in real time. I watch them only after the play is over now. This match will be known as Grrrrrushit Vs Gellyfart.


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