Dedicating my No-Trump Vote: For My Mother

Last month, the inimitable Julianna Baggott got in touch with this message: “I’ve been trying to figure out a way to create something that pushes people to think about their No-Trump Vote with real purpose. I was feeling like my Facebook feed (and real life interactions) had largely gone quiet, politically. And I understood; some have said they’ve felt stunned and overwhelmed, like they’re preaching to the choir or playing to trolls. But then I thought of this phrase: “I dedicate my No-Trump vote to …” It felt positive — and I don’t feel very positive these days.”

Julianna and her husband David Scott started a website, Dedicate Your No Trump Vote, where people could tell stories of why they were opposing Trump. It felt to me like an initiative that truly reached across party lines, that was thoughtful and nuanced and yet fiery and firm.

This was my contribution, published first at The Rumpus, which agreed to collaborate with the website, publishing one Dedicate Your No Trump Vote story a week for the six weeks leading up to the election.

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