Tell it Slant

Today, the fourth of the four pieces I wrote as guest editor for the National Post Afterword blog will be published online. Most of their guest-editors contribute short essays on writing and culture or writing culture. One especially elegant set was written by a dear friend, Catherine Bush, in whose guest room I sit as I write this. Another I liked was written by a friend of hers, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, who wrote a surreal serial story in 4 parts. When I sat down to write, I began with large writerly themes that shrank–not (shrinky-dink-like) into crystalline perfection, but into small, sodden messes. “Be funny,” my husband offhandedly instructed me, and I sighed a little sigh of relief. They’re not all hilarious, but that directive curtailed the excessive ambition that was blocking me and let me begin. The first is called “In Which the Novelist Interrogates her Narrator.” I think it should be clear which follows on; they’re best read in order.

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